Create and manage your Menu

Create and manage your Menu on #

Your menu is your product that no one else can recreate. Presentation is key, and we want to make sure your food looks as delicious on your online menu as it does on the tables.

Don’t have a menu yet? Creating a menu is done directly on the network in as little as 15 minutes.

The saying “less is more” is no exception to online ordering. We find that simplicity of great food, accompanied by great photos, brings customers from the menu all the way to the checkout button. A successful online menu typically includes:

  • Your top 10 best sellers
  • High quality, appetizing food photos
  • Descriptions that highlight your dishes


Add items #

  1. It is simple to add a new item to your menu.
  2. Log in to on your phone
  3. Tap your name and choose Dashboard
  4. Choose Menu and tap Add New Item
  5. Enter Title, Description, Price
  6. Add a photo (from phone or take a new picture)
  7. Add a new Category or choose an existing one
  8. Add a new Modifier or choose an existing one
  9. Add Options to the Modifier (Type Radio for allowing one option only, or Checkbox to allow multiple options)
  10. Make sure to tap Save Item

That’s all there is to it! You now have full control of your menu and can make changes anytime in real time.

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